An attentive ear. I will listen to you and take what you say and how you view your business and translate your views into words guaranteed to reach your target audience. If you are not clear on who your target audience is or should be, I will help you clarify it for yourself to be better able to share it.

I will need from you: 1. any present marketing literature you may have; 2. your demographic research; and, 3. answers to my endless array of questions.

I will provide to you: an improved or original pamphlet/website/newsletter, etc., based on the information provided in a voice unique to you, the owner.

Following an initial information gathering consultation to determine your particular needs, CompositionPlus will begin work on any submitted project within 5 hours of receiving the established deposit for work to be performed.

Sample rates can be found on our pricing page. Specific rates for unusual projects or larger scale projects will require negotiation.

An email landing page requires a shorter amount of turnaround time compared to a four page sales letter. All turnaround times will be disclosed in the initial consultation.

All fees include research, if needed, one complete draft, one customer review, two edits and one final, completed project.

Standard upfront fee is fifty percent of the project cost. Initial deposits can vary depending on the scope of the project. Email for a quote.


Feel free to view my portfolio samples included in the “samples” page.


Yes. CompositionPlus partners with a team of graphic designers and web designers. Prices do not reflect the cost of these services.  Email for a consultation appointment.

You may use the Contact Us page or simply email bpatterson@CompositionPlus.com