Hi, I’m B. Patterson, a freelance copywriter and the owner of CompositionPlus!

There are many ways to say what you want to say, but choosing the right words is a work of art.

I started CompositionPlus four years ago as a copyediting and proofreading service. After the success of its original launch – aiding high school and college students in formulating and finalizing term papers, personal essays, and MLA theses – I branched out into writing web content, advertising brochures and newsletters for online and brick and mortar businesses.

During this time I noticed how poorly structured their individualized business marketing content was. In fact, it wasn’t individualized at all.

Point of fact… three out of five of my clients’ “individualized” marketing content might as well have come from the same marketing firm. They had all found the same cookie-cutter marketing template online then committed a “plug-and-play-fill-in-the-blanks” form of marketing Hara-kiri without even knowing it!

They, like you, had a good grasp of who they were and why they wanted to start or expand a business, but their content was one-dimensional; based only on their view of their business.  They never addressed the needs of their target audience. In fact, some of them had no real grasp of who their target audience should be.

You see, it isn’t enough for you to know who you are and why you do what you do. You MUST convey that information in such a way as to let a customer – any customer – know the features and benefits of your company and how those features and benefits can be of service to them.

Translation….if what you offer is important enough for you to create, then it’s important enough for customers to know how


why it will benefit them.

Now…based on what you’ve just read, you could stop right here and go back and revamp your cookie-cutter website taking note of what I’ve just given you OR keep reading and see how CompositionPlus can help you benefit your potential client base.



1)  An attentive ear. I will listen to you and use your vision of your business and translate that vision into words guaranteed to reach your target audience.

2)  I will provide web content in your own unique voice.  What better way to let your clients “hear” your passion and expertise, especially if they cannot meet with you face to face.

3)  You will receive one complete draft, one customer review, two edits and one final, completed project.

If you want web content that will take the individually unique features of your company and link them to a benefits-laden written presentation in a “voice” unique to you, the owner, then CHOOSE CompositionPlus for your copywriting needs.

Be sure to take a look at my sample portfolio.

I can help you craft your unique voice for the product or service that could only have been created by YOU.


                                                                                               B. Patterson,   Owner

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[e.g., Online video script - ($100.00 to $500.00) per page] 

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